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Innovation Portals
for Technology

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Innovation requires intelligence and creativity.

Techmeter's big data analysis of patent and literature data provides creative input and shows different views and outlooks from different perspectives. When you spot trends early, you gain valuable information before everyone else.
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Technology portals
for businesses

technology network

Technology networks and technological strength fields provide revealing information about economic situations and possibilities of the development of businesses and regions.
The algorithms of the Techmeter analyses offer additional exact interpretations as a foundation for targeted measures.
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Data Portals
for Society

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Technology and innovation shape and change society.

Ex ante and ex post analysis of patent and literature data enhance research about trends, life cycles and predictions with exclusive information.
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The Techmeter „Technology Diffusion Tool“ shows the links of individual research questions and hypothesis with defined technology areas.


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In the course of this creative process, a network with nodes and edges is constructed, containing in-depth information about industry structures, leading regions and emerging technologies.
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Techmeter Regional Analyzers

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Our "MUST HAVE" for regional development agencies provides information about regional strengths and potentials for decision-makers.
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Technological Innovations are a key piece in the P U Z ZL E of managing the climate crisis. Technology diffusion of key enabling technologies with specific application areas are visualized by the Green Tech Analyzer. A detailed analysis is provided interactively. The Green Tech Analyzer offers low-threshold access to innovative solutions protecting our environment.
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Project 2023

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This year we reached the final of the Europe State Prize 2023!

For NUTS-2 regions we derive dual strength technologies based on scientific publications and patents. The connections between regions become transparent. Companies and research institutions find the best cooperation partners within the entire European Union. NUTS-2 regions obtain valuable input for their innovation policies.

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Software as a Service and Consulting Projects


We are also offering innovation, technology and individual patent and literature data portals for lease.
We configure your portals and customise them to fit your needs. You will be trained on how to use them and Techmeter takes care of continuous support. Our software is constantly developed further and if requirements change, the software is extended or adapted. Your contacts are in Austria and the servers are located in Austria and Germany. Our conditions are very fair. Quality and security are particularly important to us.

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Techmeter has years of experience in technology consultancy. Our analysis are created by means of our Techmeter software and our expert knowledge.
Consulting our customers individually is particularly important to us. Personal exchange and cooperation in working out topics and issues are part of our success, and so is our enjoyment of finding effective answers and inspiring results.
We offer different modules and decide about the best approach in advance.

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