Logo der Fa. Techmeter

"Our goal is to support
people responsible for technology,
business and society
on their way to innovation."


  1. Our users have an information advantage of 200 weeks: information which is still invisible is already revealed to them now.

  2. Unexpected links to new topics which were not on the radar before simply expand our users' knowledge.

  3. Our users can easily increase the newly identified knowledge - also by detailed information - on the basis of big data.

  4. Our users receive creative input from a completely different perspective.

  5. The data gained from patent analyses is just as useful in R&D and innovation management as in marketing, strategic purchasing and (executive) management etc.

  6. The generated document lists can be sorted. This way, our users receive short lists of the most important patents.

  7. By analysing the networks of co-inventors, co-applicants, citations and technologies, our users can deduce central actors, universities, technologies and even individual documents.


Leading research questions
Big data patent analysis strategy
Analysis using the Techmeter Innovation Portal
Interpretation of the results

Our background


The developers of Techmeter are researchers themselves and know the processes surrounding research, innovation, patents, expert search, trend scouting etc. from their own professional practice.

By developing customised algorithms for generating synthetic data and their big data analysis, we could create a unique information advantage of 200 weeks.

The company Techmeter was founded in 2009. Techmeter's customers include successful industrial groups as well as innovative medium-size businesses, interest groups, technology clusters etc.

The company is headquartered at Softwarepark Hagenberg.


Manfred Stadlbauer

DI. Dr. Manfred Stadlbauer is the managing director of Techmeter GmbH ... and founded the company in 2009.

Some basic information about him:

YOB: 1975
Studied technical chemistry at JKU Linz 1993-1998
Dissertation 1999-2001
Master's programme in financial management at JKU Linz 2003-2005
P&G D-Schwalbach, Marketing Systems Analyst 1998-1999
JKU Linz, Research Assistant 1999-2001
Borealis Gmbh Linz, Research Engineer, Project Manager, Group Leader 2002-2008
Plastal GmbH D-Weißenburg, Lead Buyer PP 2008-2009
Techmeter, CEO and founder: since 2009
Member of IMD Alumni, IAESTE Alumni, PDMA.