Patent based indicators describing competitive environments

A set of indicators has been developed to describe your competitive environment. Technology Life-Cycle Assessments show, whether technologies are emerging or stagnating. Four phases (disruptive innovation, induction, emerging and stagnation) are detected. Tabular industry structures show technology priorities of other companies and make new and upcoming players transparent. Portfolio charts, such as the technology portfolio or company portfolios visualize growing technologies and companies. Network graphs show the connectivity of technologies and companies. Geo-maps visualize the innovation-hubs worldwide.

The analysis process to derive this information is structued in four steps: the technology briefing where the scope of the project is specified, the topic validation to approve the topic specification, the discussion of the results in workshop and finally the results are interpreted and documented in a management presentation and a report.

Customized Single-Client Studies

Individual project specification with validated topic definitions and tailored reporting tools to answer your key questions for technology competitive intelligence - who is most active, what are the dynamic technologies, how are they tagged and what is their maturity in the technology life-cycle.

Geographic Analysis

Highlighting active and dynamic innovation-hubs worldwide.

Ranking of technologies

The most active and dynamic technologies are listed in barcharts together with information about the top-inventors in each field. Such rankings provide a crisp view on the competitive situation in technology areas.

Company Matrix

For selected topics, the industry structure is visualised in portfolios, indicating the most active and most dynamic inventors in the upper right quadrant.

Industry Structures

To identify the inter-disciplinary strength of companies and to highligh upcoming inventors.

Technology Lifecycle Assessment

To categorize technologies by their maturity (disruptive innovation, inductin, emerging and stagnation).

TCI Dashboards

Summarizing the industry structure, major trend and global innovator-hubs.

Technology- and Cooperation-Networks

Providing the connectivity of the innovators (from cooperations) as well as the crossing-technologies. Understanding of the latter enables to sketch the shortest routes from core-technologies to emerging technology clusters, as provided from the scouting-algorithms.