Detects emerging technologies & the links with your innovations

More than 90 million documents are screened through dynamic network analysis of 30 billion edges and technology life-cycle assessments in order to localise eruptive technologies.

Clear and interactive dashboards summarize emerging technology clusters, categorized by enabling technologies, applications, raw materials, processes, etc.

The analysis process is structured in three steps: the kick-off meeting for introducing the overall picture, the deep-dive workshop to browse selected areas of the emerging technology graph, and the presentation for discussion and and hand-over of tailored interactive dashboards, suitable for in-depth studies by your experts.

Technology Scouting

One of our specialities is the mining algorithm to detect topological changes of scaled technology networks, based on more than 90 million documents. Every month it delivers the most promising emerging technologies and opportunities.

Geographic Analysis

Highlighting active and dynamic innovation-hubs worldwide.

Technology- and Cooperation-Networks

Providing the connectivity and cooperations of innovators as well as crossing-technologies. Understanding of the latter enables to sketch the most promising paths from your core-technologies to emerging technology clusters, as provided from the scouting-algorithms.

Ranking of technologies

The most active and dynamic technologies are listed in barcharts together with information about the top-inventors in each field. Such rankings provide a clear view on the competitive situation in technology areas.

Company Matrix

For selected topics, the industry structure is visualised in portfolios, indicating the most active and most dynamic inventors in the upper right quadrant.

Industry Structures

To identify the inter-disciplinary strength of companies and to highlight upcoming inventors.

Technology Lifecycle Assessment

To categorize technologies by their maturity (disruptive innovation, induction, emerging and stagnation).

TCI Dashboards

Summarizing the industry structure, major trend and global innovator-hubs.