De-bottlenecks open innovation through information-rich environments

It's in the nature of open-innovation projects, that new competences are to be developed. The early creation of an information-rich environment is essential for success. With technology treemaps, interactive technology networks, technology lifecycle assessments, regio-specific industry structures ("proximity model") and co-operation networks, we deliver a set of visualizations, that enriches your information environment at the very beginning of your project. Hence, open-innovation is debottlenecked.

The analysis process to derive this information structures in four steps: the kick-off, where regional preferences and technology profiles are specified, the validation meeting to approve the analytical architecture, and the result workshop.

Open Innovation

Patent-based industry structures make transparent the most innovative cooperation-partners. From co-operation analysis, the embeddedness of companies in existing innovation-clusters is seen and thus accelerate and de-bottleneck open innovation.

Geographic Analysis

Highlighting active and dynamic innovation-hubs worldwide.

Company Matrix

For selected topics, the industry structure is visualised in portfolios, indicating the most active and most dynamic inventors in the upper right quadrant.

Industry Structures

To identify the inter-disciplinary strength of companies and to highligh upcoming inventors.

Technology Lifecycle Assessment

To categorize technologies by their maturity (disruptive innovation, inductin, emerging and stagnation).

TCI Dashboards

Summarizing the industry structure, major trend and global innovator-hubs.

Technology- and Cooperation-Networks

Providing the connectivity of the innovators (from cooperations) as well as the crossing-technologies. Understanding of the latter enables to sketch the shortest routes from core-technologies to emerging technology clusters, as provided from the scouting-algorithms.

Turning Patent-Based Technology Network Analysis into Value

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