Expert for the analysis of global R&D Networks

Techmeter develops and applies data-mining and scouting-algorithms to identify, filter and rank emerging technologies from patent-based dynamic network analysis.

The Techmeter® Innovation Portal is our software package delivering relevant information fast, intuitively and accessible. Its mission is to create information-rich environments for innovation.

Through the quantitative and semantic approach, Techmeter is expert for the analysis of worldwide R&D networks. From a vast set of data, the software bundle Techmeter Innovation Portal prepares clear and up-to-date information for planning, controlling and optimization of your innovation process.

Several functions of the innovation process are supported with efficient information, particularly

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Research & Development
  • Sales

Techmeter answers strategic questions for your advance in innovation:

  • Which topics are in trend?
  • What are the R&D topics of other companies?
  • How extensive are other companies working on certain topics?
  • In which regions are the best experts/companies?
  • Who are the best experts and what is their network?

Explore with us your routes to eruptive technology clusters from understanding the patterns, networks, trends and dynamics from more than 70 million patents worldwide.

30 billion edges

are analysed weekly to identify the eruptive technology clusters

70 million documents

from more than 95 sources

14 million technical experts

from more than 150 countries worldwide

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