Technology Scouting

One of our specialities is the mining algorithm to detect topological changes of scaled technology networks, based on more than 90 million documents. Every month it delivers the most promising emerging technology clusters and opportunities.

Open Innovation

Patent-based industry structures show the most innovative cooperation-partners. Along with information about the embeddedness of companies in existing co-innovation-clusters, substantial acceleration to de-bottleneck open innovation is achieved.

Technology Competitive Intelligence

Standardised reporting tools, such as company and technology portfolios, networks, technology lifecycle assessments and dynamic benchmarking are applied to derive clear and specific technology competitive intelligence.


Techmeter develops and applies data-mining and scouting-algorithms to identify, filter and rank emerging technologies from patent-based dynamic network analysis. Explore your routes to emerging technology clusters with us!

Create information-rich environments for innovation with the Techmeter Innovation Portal - our software package delivering relevant information fast, intuitively and accessible.

Technology Dashboards

Summarizing the industry structure, major trends and global innovation-hubs.

3 1010
edges on radar

route to emerging technologies

"With Techmeter's co-operation network analysis for our target technology area, we could rapidly team-up with the right university for our strategic open-innovation project. We thus accelerated the early phase of the open innovation project significantly!"

Nov. 2014, R&D Director, Global Raw-Material Producer (>20000 FTEs)

"The Techmeter Innovation Portal is impressively performant and delivers appealing and highly relevant results. Complex searches are finished in a few seconds - with no user training required!"

January 2016, IT Specialist, Global Technology Firm

"The interactive networks with emerging technologies, provided by Techmeter, were a robust framework for our annual technology-strategy workshops. Our team was impressed, how well patent data may be structured and how far interpretations reached!"

March 2015, Strategy Director, Global Technology Firm (Eurostoxx 50)

Technology Networks

More than 90 million documents are screened with dynamic network analysis of 3 1010 (30 billion) edges, followed by technology life-cycle assessment to derive graphs with emerging technologies.

Worldwide Innovation-Hubs

Highlighting active and dynamic innovation-hubs worldwide.

Tag Clouds

Summarizing the word-statistics of the documents in the technology area - for faster cognition.


From the technology networks, connected technologies are derived. Importantly, they are parts of clusters such as

  • enabling technologies,
  • applications,
  • raw materials,
  • processes, etc.